Monday, 6 March 2017

Evening skincare routine

I'm not one to spend ages and ages focusing on my skin nor do I use a huge amount of products, but I try to keep my routine regular. I very rarely fall asleep with my make up on - even after a night out I remember to cleanse my face. I think it's so important to take good care of your skin. A lot of people don't even realise how beneficial it is to have a every day skincare routine and to have the right products for your skin type. It doesn't mean you will end up with perfect skin, but it helps. And being in my late 20's, I definitely start to see the early stages of ageing. Yikes!

First I gently wash my face with just water leaving it wet before reaching to this Remington's face cleansing brush. I find it works better if my face is wet - I also run the brush part under the tap before putting cleanser on it.
I have always been a big fan of Clinique's cleansers and their Rinse-off foaming cleanser I'm using at the moment is the newest addition to my collection. Even though it's meant for normal to oily skin, it doesn't dry my skin out at all.
Normally I don't wear any make-up, but if I do, I tend to double cleanse. First with just a cleanser and then with the brush, so I'm sure to get rid off all the bad stuff that would otherwise be clogging my pores.

When it comes to toners, I'm so picky. When I find a good one, I stick to it. My skin can be so sensitive sometimes and I have reacted especially to toners. I love Body Shop's Vitamin E range in general so when I found their hydrating toner I was over the moon.
Sometimes my skin can get a bit bumpy and then I reach to tea tree oil. It's so much better than any harsh, drying products that will just damage my skin. It's antiseptic and I use it more as a targeted treatment. I don't always have the best diet and it shows on skin almost immediately and this has made a lot of spots less painful.
To finish my routine I apply Mary Kay's targeted action eye revitalizer which really helps with my under eye circles and bags and age fighting eye cream and then Body Shop's Vitamin E overnight serum in oil over my face. I love how hydrating it is, but doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or oily at all - I was surprised how quickly my skin absorbs it.

And then I'm ready to put my pj's on and head to bed with a nice book - or phone, if I'm being realistic.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

A new beginning

I have stopped counting how many times I have started blogging, and also how many times I have thought about starting this one. I think it has been almost 3 years since I last properly blogged. For someone who enjoys writing a lot it's hard to comprehend why it has taken so long. Well, here we are, once again.
I never really know what to write on the first post, but thought some kind of introduction of the person behind the screen is always nice. So here we go!

I normally go by the name Anni, but have multiple nicknames. I celebrate my birthdays on the 13th of february and being an aquarius is probably the best way to describe my personality. You could describe me as a independent, curious, absent-minded little rebel who still enjoys peace and quiet. I'm quite an honest and sometimes even blunt person and I'm very much aware it's not always a good thing. If you can't hear it, you can definitely see it on my face as I have zero talent hiding my facial expressions (hence why I'm not a youtuber).
But I like to think there are good things too. I hate drama and I rather spent time on my own than let people exhaust me with their nonsense. I'm generally a happy and laid-back girl and it takes quite a while to really piss me off even though aquarius's are known of their temper.

Beauty, writing and traveling are mainly my passions, but I get excited about a lot of things - and super easily. As traveling being one of them, it's no surprise I didn't settle living just in the lovely, arctic country called Finland (where I'm from). I spent my early twenties working as an au pair in Berlin and in the UK studying beauty (and that's how I fell in love in the beauty industry).
I do love a good lipstick, but my biggest interest is in skincare, hence why I have mainly worked in companies that promote skincare products. At the moment I'm mainly unemployed, but kinda work as a skincare consultant.

This blog is my way to share those passions.

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